I have had chronic problems from legs, hips, back and neck that have been an issue for at least 15 years. I have had other chiropractic treatments with limited results. My condition didn’t prevent me from doing anything but it was a constant annoyance.

Dr. John was recommended to me by my daughter. I was skeptical but after 1 visit my opinion changed. Dr. John wasn’t interested in selling me a treatment plan, rather he developed a plan for my treatment. He started with my legs and worked up from there, most of my discomfort is gone!

You need to give Dr. John a try! You won’t regret it! Thank you Dr. John for your continued commitement to my treatment!

Brian B.Helped alleviate 15 years of chronic pain!

I injured myself when I was 11 years old, this injury left me with chronic pain which I had been told I would have to live with for the rest of my life. This injury left me not only in pain, but inhibited my breathing even more than asthma already has, and made sleeping even more difficult than it already was as I have suffered with night terrors every other night since I was a child. I had accepted that this was my life several years ago, I was at peace with it. I met Dr. John while seeking help for eczema that had gotten out of control and was covering 80% of my body. Not only was he able to find what had triggered the eczema and give me the tools I needed to heal, but he solved my sleeping problems and diminished my pain. This is the first time in a decade that I have gone ONE MONTH without my chronic pain. An unexpected side affect from all this was the night terrors I’ve had for as long as I can remember have disappeared. I went from living in pain, with chronic skin problems and being unable to sleep because of having night terrors every other night to living without pain, with clear skin, sleeping a full 8 hours every night– and for the fist time being able to have good dreams! I cannot thank this man enough. He helped me find a world I had never imagined was possible. THANK YOU DR. JOHN!

Anna G.Overcame Chronic Pain and Night Terrors

I originally came to see Dr. John for sleeping problems that I have had for about 3 years now as well as a shoulder problem. After very few treatments I am doing so much better, I don’t have difficulty sleeping and my should doesn’t grind as much as it used to. Seeing Dr. John has also helped me stabilize my blood sugar so that I am not light-headed or shaky anymore. I have learned how to eat better and take better care of myself!

Risa S.Stabilized my blood sugar - no more headaches!

“Dr. John, I forgot to tell you something important. Last Friday I went to my psychologist … and he told me that I didn’t need to see him anymore. Do you know how huge that is? I never, never figured that would happen. I figured I’d be seeing a therapist for the rest of my life. Since I met you, I have become increasingly convinced that talk therapy, etc. may have their place, but NET is much more powerful, allowing for the entire human being to heal, not just the mind. I want to thank you sooooo much for all you have done!”

Mona R.No more visits to the psychologist!

I had been suffering from morning headaches for many, many years and afternoon fatigue was becoming a problem. I have gone to at least 6 other chiropractors, several general doctors, a neurologist, had 2 sleep tests and some drugs. Nothing has ever helped over the last 30 years. I could not function well upon rising and it would sometimes take 30-40 minutes to get going. I was referred to Dr. John’s office by a good friend. It’s amazing how quickly my health has improved! I’m so thankful that Dr. John is practicing in Longmont! It has been so wonderful to get up in the morning and not need Excedrin and coffee to get going!

Janice C.Morning Headaches Gone!

Thanks for calling and checking on me on Friday — it means a lot to know a Doctor that cares enough about his patients…

Through NET (neuro-emotional technique) I found out that by letting go of past situations and traumas (that we all try to hide away in our brain) I was able to free my body which is hleping to heal my body at the same time. I am extremely happy to say that after only 7 weeks of treatments my headaches are down to about a 1-2 on a scale of 10 and I no longer need to take prescription drugs to help me sleep at night!

I would highly recommend Dr. John Wendt to anyone wanting to improve their health. The office atmosphere at Life Chiropractic is always cheerful, fun and nurturing environment. I think and live more positive everyday and I owe it all to Dr. John, he truly takes the art of chiropractic to a whole new level!!!”

Linda A.A Dr. who cares about his patients

I have had chronic pain in my left shoulder for 9 years. I had other chiropractic treatments for many years but no one else’s techniques helped as much as Dr. John’s have now! My pain was at times a 10 on a scale of 1-10 and it had affected all of my daily activities. He came highly recommended to me by my previous doctors. Under his care I have had the most improvement that I have had in 9 years. I got so used to how I felt before that I did not know or remember how it felt to feel this good.

EVERYTHING IS BETTER! I am not longer in constant pain at work, I sleep better & I just simply function better all around. I am less fatigued, less stressed. I am more energetic and more positive about life.

Thank you Dr. John!!!”

Sunny R.Feeling so much better after 9 years of shoulder pain!

I initially came to Dr. John Wendt because I had intense pain, immobility and stiffness in my neck. I have been to several chiropractors over the years who have adjusted my neck and temporarily relieved the problem. On a scale of 1-10, my pain was at a 34! My neck hurt so badly that I was having trouble sleeping, reading, concentrating and enjoying life. After the first adjustment my neck pain subsided, but new issues arose. Dr. John Wendt has helped me by addressing the structural, nutritional, emotional and toxic interferences that are influencing my body and its ability to maintain normal functions. This whole body approach has helped me acknowledge that I have deeper emotions that are influencing my body both structurally and biologically.

My sleep patterns and the length of time I am sleeping have both improved. My emotional distress has started to diminish and my body feels healthier as a whole. I feel lucky to have stumbled on such an excellent chiropractor!

Dr. John Wendt has helped me address emotional issues that were affecting my overall well-being. I have seen several chiropractors, therapists, counselors and doctors over the past 10 years that have not been able to help me move past certain traumatic events in my life. At Life Chiropractic, I have begun a healing journey without the consequence of experiencing the full levels of stress and pain from the original event, which has often been an issue for me when going through therapy. In fact, during one session, I was able to contend with a memory that I was unable to talk about in any of my previous therapy sessions. Dr. John listened attentively to my story and helped me work through the pain surrounding the original event and I felt a huge weight lift from my heart and soul. My stress levels have decreased noticeably. I feel as if I had lost my way and am now back on the path to a beautiful and fulfiling life.

Megan R.He helped me find my way again...

I have always experienced heavy impact from jet lag in all previous trips both going and returning. Every time I traveled … Hawaii, the Far East, Europe, etc. It was really bad. I experienced unshakable fatigue, headaches, and the need to sleep around the clock. I came to Dr. John because of his holistic approach to health care. He gave me a homeopathic protocol for jet lag and we did NET before my last trip. This made travel a whole new experience. I had no symptoms on my recent trip to Scotland and only minor fatigue upon returning. I highly recommend the Day/Night homeopathics for jet lag.

John A.Helped cure my jet lag

Amazing! I can’t say enough of how much Dr. John has helped me and my children. He is always positive, encouraging, and sincerely interested in my wellbeing. I recommend him to everyone!

Christy M.Has helped me and my children....

I simply cannot say enough positive things about Dr. John at Life Chiropractic. In short, he’s dramatically changed my life in a short period of time. He is incredibly knowledgeable in many different healing modalities allowing for a truly holistic experience. Not only does he physically adjust my body for better range of motion and decreased pain, but I leave feeling more grounded and complete both mentally and spiritually. He’s been a true blessing in my life.

Autumn G.Knowledgeable on many holistic healing modalities

Thank you so much John, I didn’t think I needed that, but I truly did. I love how you saw further into what I needed than what I would have admitted. And what came up today is what I’ve been working on shifting. Thank you John, your amazing and have true gift to help one heal themselves.

Melissa W.Thanks for helping me ‘shift’

In the 4 years I have been going to Dr.John I’ve learned he really knows how to take care of any problems that might have come up in between appointments or that might be bugging a person. Anytime I walk out after an adjustment/appointment I can immediately feel the difference it makes compared to prior to the appointment. I’m so glad I started going to him and I highly recommend him for any chiropractic/NET needs. Thanks for everything Dr.John!

Melanie D.Immediately can feel the difference

I don’t know what we would do without these special doctors!!! My husband suffered a massive stroke three weeks ago. The doctors from the hospital basically told us he would never recover! He is now walking the halls of rehab!!! Everyone here is flabbergasted!!! They say they have never seen anyone progress the way he is!!! I would recommend these doctors to anyone!! They are amazing!!! I believe he is progressing so well because of their work with him!

Jennifer J.After a major stroke, my husband is walking after being told he would not

I thank the good Lord for the help we have received for my son Dondi. He is my youngest son who suffered a stroke Nov 6th. His rate of recovery has amazed the staff at the hospital. Thank you so much for your appreciated help in this difficult time in our life.

Sue J.Helped my son recover from a stroke

Dr. John is fabulous! Best Chiropractor in Northern Colorado by far. Worth the drive to Longmont.

Michelle R.Best Chiropractor in Northern Co. - Worth the drive!

I am grateful to my dear friend Larissa for sending me to Dr John. I was in extreme pain and unable to work and Dr John got me right in and feeling better fast. I am always intrigued with and thrilled when a knowledgeable laying on of hands heals us. This is that experience. Also his good high energy is contagious. Highly recommended!

Julia D.Got me feeling better...fast!

Dr John is amazing!! He is always there with a hug and a solution to pain .. I recommend him to all of my massage clients and friends!

Larissa K.Always have a hug and a solution!

Dr. John is awesome. He cares about his patients and is confident in his work because he really knows what he is doing. He’s very helpful, sympathetic, and precise. When I have an appointment coming up I think of it sometimes as an appointment to see a good friend that happens to be the best chiropractor…

Nicole A.He is awesome

I love this guy! Dr John’s clear mind and forthright approach offers you a good diagnosis and accurate adjustment. He’s full of enthusiasm for life and love. I always want to be around people like this. I had a crink in my neck for about 7 months and after being treated unsuccessfully by 3 other chiropractors, I found Dr John. In about 2 minutes, he got rid of the crink through an adjustment. There really is no reason for you to suffer; the choice is YOURS.

Dawn L.Doc is full of enthusiasm for life and love