Pollen Allergy

April Showers Bring May Flowers, and Pollen

Spring has sprung, gone away and returned once again in Colorado!  Were you taken off guard this year by allergies?  If so, you need to read on.  If not, you need to read on and learn effective ways to reduce allergy symptoms as you move into your outdoor season.  Welcome to a new understanding of your body, allergies, and the choices you can make; as the seasons turn to help you avoid colds, flus, and dreaded allergies. The air is full of opportunity and joy!  In order for growth to occur we must learn how to let go of old patterns and let the new seeds of understanding germinate and grow into a new life.  But the first step is letting go!


You are familiar with the term of spring cleaning?  Well, it is a time where we go through stored belongings in our home, garage, vehicle, office, and all other aspects of our life.  We reflect on the usefulness of each belonging and evaluate the necessity of holding onto this object for one more year. You body does much of the same process.  However, your body needs specific biochemistry/nutrition, electrical support, willingness to let go, or friendly encouragement to help rid the system of stored useless materials.  Does that sound familiar to you cleaning out your home?  Need a friend to tell you how ugly that sweater is, or ask when the last time you used that toy train set in your basement? How about asking a friend to help remove the old couch bed from the basement?
We all have needs to help us clean out our homes effectively, many times we employee professional home organizers, read a book, search the web.  Often times only to fall back into similar patterns of home clutter and disorganization.  Does your health follow a similar pattern?  Want to do something differently?


Im glad to hear that you realize a pattern and would like to shift a few choices in life.  At Life Chiropractic we teach you how to live differently and assist you in removing electrical interference in the nervous system, finding and supporting biochemical/nutritional deficiencies, gently encouraging detoxification, and clearing unwanted emotional baggage.  The nervous system has a gas pedal (sympathetic) and a brake pedal (para-sympathetic).  The previous 4 stressors cause the gas pedal to be activated leading to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion.  We need to activate the brakes in our life.  The brake system will help sleep, leading to physical and mental recovery and rejuvenation, digestion of vital nutrients, and detoxification of internal and external poisons.  Sound good?  Sign up for one of our upcoming community events or our Bodyworks Sampler Package to learn how this can be achieved.