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Brain Fog…

We live in a fast paced world which requires us to be at our best. How often do you reflect on or test yourself for how well you are living or how well your brain is working? A few simple tests can access your brain and health scores. Check out www.lifewellnesscenterco.com for access to these […]

This distance runner shaved a minute off his mile pace after an injury

A true story from one of Dr. Wendt’s clients… Following a knee injury, a 31-year-old male long distance competitive runner underwent surgery and three months of rehab. Afterward, he found he was pain-free, but his pace had decreased substantially. A year later, his pain returned. Left with no answers, he turned to Dr. Wendt. Dr. Wendt […]

How to Relieve Daily Stress

At Life Wellness Center we come across many patients who cannot recall the reason why they woke up with pain or dysfunction. We jokingly offer up the concept that it is emotional. Many patients respond in agreement, laughing. A recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship demonstrates amazing findings on how brains responded […]

How to Help Dyslexia

As the eyes interpret the organization of words and numbers, the brain converts this image in an inefficient manner. Often, there are cranial nerve weaknesses that allow these messages to be confusing, leading to frustration and unnecessary distress to the developing mind. At Life Wellness Center we offer neurological evaluations to verify where any imbalances […]

The Food Pyramid is Now a Plate

Do you remember the Food Pyramid? Are you aware of the new guidelines? Instead of a pyramid, the US government has adopted the plate. The food pyramid is now a plate. What a practical way of displaying how we should eat! A medical doctor, who happens to be vegan, developed this idea years before the government decided […]

How A Heart Attack Happens

Question: What is the first sign of a heart attack? A heart attack! Or… is it? There are several factors that create stress for the heart and circulation. The primary factor is hypertension, or the tension caused in how we respond to our environment. When the body is under relentless stress from the realities of daily life, such as lack of […]

Brain-Based Wellness Talks

Brain-based wellness has perhaps the greatest potential to impact your quality of life. One of the greatest health concerns in the world is neurodegenerative disorders, as emphasized in this article by the McGovern Institute at MIT. Dr. Wendt is a member of several non profit communities, including PEP Talks (Practitioners Educating Patients), Chiropractors Crossing Boarders, and Doctors of […]

New Years Resolutions

All hopes and dreams are attainable for you.  New Years resolutions are an opportunity to take inventory of our lives and reflect on actionable tasks to make more of life. Our goal for 2016 is to support you and our community in achieving whatever goal you desire for your life. We promise to evaluate your […]