Brain Fog…

We live in a fast paced world which requires us to be at our best. How often do you reflect on or test yourself for how well you are living or how well your brain is working? A few simple tests can access your brain and health scores. Check out for access to these questionnaires. The most recent book I’m reading which helps wrap my head around food as a support or cause of health concerns is called the Plant Paradox. Dr. Gundry has created a simple plan for creating change, supporting your overall health, optimizing your brain and nervous system function. Be sure to schedule an adjustment to optimize your health in this fast paced world!

How to relieve daily stress

How to Relieve Daily Stress

At Life Wellness Center we come across many patients who cannot recall the reason why they woke up with pain or dysfunction. We jokingly offer up the concept that it is emotional. Many patients respond in agreement, laughing.

A recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship demonstrates amazing findings on how brains responded to an emotionally distressing story. Think about an event that was difficult or really emotionally charged in your life. Notice that your body might increase tension or discomfort in various ways. Alternatively, think of biting down on a sour lemon and letting the juice of the lemon roll onto your tongue; do you make a face?Even though these scenarios are not happening now, your brain recalls the sensation or tension. With the principles of Neuro-Emotional Technique and

Even though these scenarios are not happening right now, your brain recalls the sensation or tension. With the principles of Neuro-Emotional Technique and Neurology, we are able to pinpoint the cause of distress driving our patients’ health concerns.

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How to Help Dyslexia

How to Help Dyslexia

As the eyes interpret the organization of words and numbers, the brain converts this image in an inefficient manner. Often, there are cranial nerve weaknesses that allow these messages to be confusing, leading to frustration and unnecessary distress to the developing mind. At Life Wellness Center we offer neurological evaluations to verify where any imbalances in nerve signals are originating and develop techniques to strengthen these underutilized nerves. The outcome often shows improved efficiency of reading writing, mathematics, and improved mood and desire for learning. Call today to make an appointment for

How Can Life Wellness Help with Dyslexia?

At Life Wellness Center, we offer neurological evaluations to locate imbalances in nerve signals and develop techniques to strengthen these underutilized nerves. The outcome often shows improved efficiency of reading writing, mathematics, and improved mood and desire for learning. If you have ever struggled with dyslexia, call today to make an appointment for an examination of the nervous system.

food pyramid is food plate

The Food Pyramid is Now a Plate

Do you remember the Food Pyramid? Are you aware of the new guidelines? Instead of a pyramid, the US government has adopted the plate. The food pyramid is now a plate. What a practical way of displaying how we should eat!

A medical doctor, who happens to be vegan, developed this idea years before the government decided to update their stance on food and nutrition. You have probably noticed that may restaurants have been asking you what kind of “protein” choice you would like with your salad or other meals. Years ago, protein used to always mean meat. But now that definition has expanded to include vegetable- and grain-based protein options.

One great leader in the world of nutrition is Dr. Barnard. A very well spoken man with great research, I truly appreciate his contribution to the world of nutrition. I recommend following his thinking on his blog. While attending a recent cruise called the Holistic Holiday at Sea, I was lucky enough to attend some of Dr. Barnard’s lectures. I find that each individual’s nutrient needs are very distinct in regards to their genetic makeup, lifestyle, and drive to optimize their mind and body.

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Heart Circulation Health

How A Heart Attack Happens

Question: What is the first sign of a heart attack? A heart attack! Or… is it?

There are several factors that create stress for the heart and circulation. The primary factor is hypertension, or the tension caused in how we respond to our environment.

When the body is under relentless stress from the realities of daily life, such as lack of quality sleep, lack of sufficient dietary nutrients (poor digestive absorption), an inability to detoxify (secondary to the stress response), or posture alterations (e.g. text neck, seated posture), it will produce cortisol. This stress hormone will cause blood vessel constriction. If constriction is constant, the effect on the heart (the pump for circulation) is to beat faster and stronger to push blood through the shrunken blood vessel channels out to the capillaries. We are left unable to get oxygen and nutrients to distant tissues. If the pressure continues to increase, the system will eventually fail, which looks like a heart attack, arrhythmia, ventricular contractions, or [insert medical diagnosis of your choosing].

All of this assumes the blood cells themselves are being efficiently created and removed. We have a wide range of red blood cell sizes often overlooked on common blood labs. These will indicate your body’s ability to create blood, which is important because it is your body’s vessel for carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells as well as removing carbon dioxide and waste/toxins out of cells.

As we damage the walls of these tubes, cholesterol begins to build in the arteries as an attempt to barrier off the damage, further restricting the blood vessel. Inability to carry oxygen, nutrients, and waste through the system causes more backups. Now that our body is really under stress, we begin to show signs of liver and gallbladder congestion (e.g. elevated liver enzyme panels, cholesterol, weight begins to accumulate around the midsection) and even kidney problems (e.g. low back pain, kidney stones).

Ever see those care engine oil commercials where the viscosity causes built up in the engine leading to ultimate failure? Similarly, the more our body is under stress, the smaller the tubes are for blood to flow.

So, while a heart attack comes on rapidly, there are in fact many signs and symptoms to watch out for ahead of a potential heart attack. You may experience midback problems, jaw tension, shoulder tension, low back pain, immune problems, chronic anything, stress from life, and never have a heart attack. However, with US rates of heart attacks at more than 1 per minute, do you want to wait till you have one to do something about it?

If you feel tension in your body, get a massage. It’s great way to help you relax. But in addition to the temporary relief we can experience from a massage, we can also maximize our nervous system’s ability to handle the stress when we leave the massage table.

Patients often come in thinking that the pain they have been dealing with for 5 years is normal — tension, lack of energy, or an inability to process information quickly, accurately, and efficiently. If that is your reality, then be sure to make an appointment with your Brain Based Chiropractor as soon as possible.

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Reishi Mushroom Coffee

How to Make Reishi Mushroom Coffee

Reishi Mushroom CoffeeA personal favorite of mine, I have been enjoying Fat Coffee, or Bulletproof Coffee, for 6+ months now (note: I only use ghee, as butter still contains the casein protein which can be suspect for digestive stress and opiate activation/addiction).  I have been adding reishi to my coffee on and off as a way to support additional stressors which come up in my life.

In my life stress comes in the form of less than 6 hours of sleep, changes in my sleep cycle (times), lack of quality sleep (I use an app called Sleep Cycle), poor dietary choices (yes, I too eat junk from time to time), alcohol consumption, travel, emotional distress via relationship changes, financial concerns, longing for a life I currently am not living (related to how busy I become without breath or slow down).

I rarely get sick but when I begin to feel less that 100%, I often use reishi as my tonic. There are a myriad of herbal adaptogens in the world and each has its own protective properties and supports different metabolic pathways.  Each patient I see often requires some form of adaptogen to maximize their nervous system’s response to stress. Here is a step-by-step for a delicious bulletproof coffee.

How to Make Reishi Mushroom Coffee:

  1. Add 1 tsp. of reishi mushroom powder and 32 oz. of purified water to a pot and boil.
  2. Reduce heat to low and let simmer for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Measure 5-10 tbsp. of ground coffee (according to preferred strength) and place in french press. Pour reishi water mix over coffee grounds and steep for 4 minutes.
  4. Return to pot and heat on medium-low. Add a healthy tbsp. of coconut oil and maybe some butter or ghee. Optional: add some almond milk or cream.
  5. Blend together using an immersion blender. Have a nice day!


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Brain-based wellness

Brain-Based Wellness Talks

Brain-based wellness has perhaps the greatest potential to impact your quality of life. One of the greatest health concerns in the world is neurodegenerative disorders, as emphasized in this article by the McGovern Institute at MIT.

Dr. Wendt is a member of several non profit communities, including PEP Talks (Practitioners Educating Patients), Chiropractors Crossing Boarders, and Doctors of Health and Wellness. As a member of these communities, he donates hours to local schools, community groups, churches/spiritual centers, and businesses by providing inspiring health talks. A goal of these programs is to educate our community on the core concepts of living a healthy life, free from reliance on drugs and surgeries, reducing injuries, maximizing performance of your body and mind.

Dr. Wendt often hears, “hey Doc, this makes so much sense, how can I get you in front of my HR director so you can help educate my work environment and make my work life more pleasant?” Just by asking! If you or your community would like Dr. Wendt to come give an inspiring presentation on brain-based wellness and health, call us at 303.678.1979 or email us at

See your Life Wellness Center chiropractor trained in brain-based wellness today for a brian wellness evaluation!

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Snot Cute?


Back to school season is GROSS!  All the kids are mingling together and sharing loads of new germs around school.  It’s likely you have a running nose, or a sneezy, snotty kid on your hands!

If you take a look at what’s in the tissue you will have a load of information on how to help your child ease the back to school symptoms.

If mucus is green its a sign that there could be bacterial infection.

Brown or yellow indicates a viral infection

Clear indicates a sign of allergy or viral infection

For a dry nose, or a constant picker it could mean there is a parasitic problem.


Now, eliminating the problem of a funny acting nose can be treated properly.  Dr John can help you navigate a snot problem, or a back to school stress problem.


There is a lot to do around supporting kids through this time. You can offer a drink of herbal tea that boosts immunity, and calms the system, like chamomile or lemon balm.  Make sure they get enough sleep, and cut back on refined sugars and juices. Getting loads of exercise when they aren’t in school will boost immunity, improve sleep, and help their brains perform better on tests.


We want to ensure that you are doing everything you can for your kids health, and we have lots of ways to help you here!

September Is Subluxation Awareness Month!

The first chiropractic adjustment for a subluxation was demonstrated on September 18th 1985. It was then that Chiropractic care started to develop into a legitimate and successful form of treatment for individuals with health ailments.

Subluxations are one of the most common reasons why people turn to chiropractic care.

When the motion or position of the spinal bones are compromised this can create absolute chaos within the body, not only affecting the spine but also causing stress, pain and discomfort to other areas of the body. Subluxations inhibit the body from operating properly in almost every way.

Incorrect positioning of the spine can and most likely, will irritate, compress or stretch nerve tissue, which is already extremely delicate. As the immune system weakens, strength and coordination are negatively affected and organs may cease to function normally.


However, getting adjusted by a licensed chiropractor can increase your body’s white blood cell count by thirty percent! A raise in white blood cells means that your body can defend itself against the common cold, the flu and other contagious illnesses. Getting adjusted is not just for adults, children can also benefit from chiropractic care especially during that time of year when the common cold is most prominent. Having your child adjusted can help raise their immune systems to help fight against those nasty viruses.

Subluxations cause an increase in pain levels, pain consistency, as well as stiffness and fatigue. As if the physical symptoms weren’t enough, there could also be major affects to stress and our state of mind. It’s important to realize that subluxations are not just a tight wound, sore muscles in your back. They are silent killers which over time decreases the body’s immunity to disease. Think about subluxation this way, if you tie a piece of string around the tip of your finger very tightly and held it there, would you simply put hot water on it to decrease the tightness in your finger? No. Would you try and rub the tip of your finger to ease the tension of the string? Maybe, but the string is still tightly wound against the finger tip. The only way to ease the tension is to release the string from the finger. In essence, the only way to relive and treat subluxation is to release that damaging tension from the spine. This is accomplished through chiropractic adjustments.

So don’t wait! If you are looking for a Longmont Chiropractor, contact our office for a free consultation with Dr. John and find out how chiropractic can help benefit you and your family today.

Guest author credit: Kaitlin Lamarre


Community of Life



Without COMMUNITY we would not survive!  Our society is built on culture, and connection to others.  A well known story from a WWII hospital orphanage sadly discovered that babies who are not held will die, even if well fed.  An article just came out about a mother, whose baby was pronounced dead at birth.  She held him to say goodbye, and after two hours the baby came back to life!  This wonderfully illustrates how vital sharing the life force with each other is.  Without contact we do not grow to speak, think or act to our potential.  Communities provide our friends, our families, our support and our health. They provide outlets for our creativity, and exposure to new ideas, people and places. Many studies have demonstrated that people who are involved in their communities tend to live longer and happier lives.  Connection is the key the success of our species, and ironically, modern culture has ingrained the importance of self reliance, sole solidity, and independence above all morals.

The definitions given in the dictionary all fall short of what a real community offers.  Its a home, a friend, a deep and lasting connection with people that may share a locale or interest, but most importantly share love.  Love for a place, love for each other, love for humanity or earth or another interest.  Community is the people you see everyday, the people you intentionally gather with, the people you share your wins and losses with, the places that inspire you and the people that go there with you. Community is so much more than just people! People don’t exist without the community of plants, animals, water and air. Have you ever gone a day without air? Without air there are no plants, without water there are no plants, or animals. We are a deeply interconnected community on Earth, of all living things. We live in the precious balance and harmony by respecting other beings rights to be here, and ultimately, provide for us humans!

Here are some things you can do to strengthen your experience of community. Think of it like gardening your friends.  Plant seeds, water, weed and celebrate the harvest!


Get Outside!

Talk and Smile at strangers

Introduce friends

Offer to help a neighbor

Bake extra cookies to share

Find reasons to celebrate

Trade skills

Learn and instrument

Make room to PLAY!

Start a project with a friend

Share your gifts

Ask for help

Ask questions


Leave your phone at home


    There are so many more ways to connect with each other.  We hope that you have made connections that are valuable, and lasting in your life. We want to overcome the walls that we have put up to health and community. The health and wellness of just one person drastically impacts the health and wellness of us all. One healthy, happy person can brighten all of the interactions they have during the course of a day. We hope that we can create a centered community with the goal of healing, and joyously celebrating living together!  Lets support each other! Change for the better, overall, must come from us all.