Imbalance: Structural Alignment

Poor posture, a tweak, a twinge, a pinched nerve, a pulled muscle, a crick in the neck, and slept funny are all terms we have heard people use to attempt to describe Subluxation. A misalignment of the bones of the body cause stress to the nervous system and tension to the muscles, which inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself. Bones hold us up against gravity; muscles are meant to move us and stabilize us during movement. If the bones are misaligned, then the muscles take over. How do you expect your muscles to feel after they have been forced to hold you up all day? Or for a week, month, year, or decade? Chiropractic restores motion to the joints of the spine, allowing the nerves to heal the tissues and the muscles to continue moving us for years to come.

How We Treat: Chiropractic and Quantum Neurology

We offer chiropractic adjustments to mobilize structural subluxations and Quantum Neurology to rehabilitate the nervous system for maximized health response. Our chiropractic techniques includes Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Activator, Coupled Adjusting, Omni, Sacral Occipital Technique, Dural Torque Stretch, applied Kinesiology, extremity adjustments, and more. He can also employ an ArthroStim, a less invasive tool, for those who are sensitive to a more hands-on adjustment.

Dr. Wendt is also one of few practitioners in the state of Colorado who is certified in Quantum Neurology. Quantum neurology is a technique for helping to restore the nervous system. By applying quantum physics principles to the nervous system, Dr. Wendt supports improvements to neurological function. Patiences who respond to the method experience a restoring of strength, reactivation of lost sensation, increased range of motion, and increased cognitive skills, among others.

Life Wellness Center offers massage therapy to support structural and emotional imbalances as well. While massage therapy helps relieve tension, stress, and soreness, it can also be an important component of a chiropractic wellness plan. Further benefits of massage therapy include, joint and muscular flexibility, improved circulation, improved immune system functionality, and emotional well-being.