Distance Runner Shaves Mile

This distance runner shaved a minute off his mile pace after an injury

A true story from one of Dr. Wendt’s clients…

Following a knee injury, a 31-year-old male long distance competitive runner underwent surgery and three months of rehab. Afterward, he found he was pain-free, but his pace had decreased substantially. A year later, his pain returned. Left with no answers, he turned to Dr. Wendt. Dr. Wendt applied chiropractic adjustments to his 4th lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and coccyx, and mobilized his forefoot and knee. His pain was eliminated in two short months. They also worked together to maximize muscle function of the trunk and lower leg through applied kinesiology and nutritional intervention.

His performance returned to pre-injury status and he was setting personal bests with each race.

But Dr. Wendt wanted to do more. In 2014, he began studying Quantum Neurology. Applying these concepts, they improved the runner’s stability even further and he began competing in ultra-marathons, 50-, and 100-mile races. Since aligning his nervous system performance with his entire brain and body connection, he has improved to a sub 6-minute mile pace during his marathons. He is now on the verge of achieving a new professional race speed of sub 5-minute mile pace.

Over the course of eight months, Dr. Wendt’s techniques have helped shave a full minute off his mile pace, cut his post-race recovery in half, and maximize his training runs.

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