Fatigue and Nutrition


If your energy levels are consistently low, it may be one of the first signs of a number of health problems.  Fatigue sets in when the immune response is dampened by anything from an allergic reaction to cancer.  This function is a warning to you that something is off in your system, and your body is trying to fix it by sleeping it off.  Over time the body adapts into this fatigue and you may not notice that you are tired all the time. With our bustling life styles, we place high demands on our energy resources.  We don’t have time to listen to our bodies and sleep until immune function is restored.  We push right through that feeling until we don’t even remember what its was like to feel bright and energetic.

One of the many problems that may be causing fatigue is a nutritional deficiency.  Compared to other causes of fatigue, nutrition is something we have considerable control of in our day to day lives.  We are offered many sources of nutrition through the foods we eat, and through conscientious supplementation. Other symptoms of nutritional deficiency are hair loss, pale skin, weakness, trouble breathing, cravings, fainting depression, menstrual issues or lack of focus and poor concentration. One, some or all of these symptoms may be present.

There are many ways that people in such a food abundant place can be nutritionally deficient.  Any processed, boxed, canned, or frozen food has marginal (if any) nutritional content. For many people these foods make up the bulk of their diet. The easy fix here is to switch to less processed, more untouched foods.  If you are eating whole, earth grown food it may not be as wholesome as you would expect.  Years of farming and soil malpractice has left our farming regions soil depleted of vital nutrients. This means the food grown may have less nutritional content than it would have 100 years ago. To continue to get food to grow in lifeless soil, farmers add pharmaceutical type chemical nutrients to the earth, which only causes more poison in your food, waterways, and soil. Supplementation with very high quality products like HealthForce, (that uses a higher than organic standard organic) can make a big difference in the vitality you experience through food.  It is also helpful to love whatever food you make and buy.  Get veggies from the farmers directly at the farmers market, and make a friend while you are there.  Guaranteed salads will taste and feel better in your body!  If you can only afford to get one item from the farm, make it your greens.  A favorite saying at my house is “Put Some Greens on it!”

Its always good to start today, right now, in this moment, loving yourself enough to eat healthy, and putting love into your food at every meal.  Your gut can be damaged from years of eating poorly, or other health trauma. Full gut repair can take 6-9 months to heal, and in the meantime you can make many changes that are significant and small to increase the vital nutrients in your food.  Ask us how, TODAY!