Imbalance: Toxicity

Toxicity refers to the ways in which harmful environmental toxins from foods, chemicals, drugs and alcohol, electro-magnetic energy (like microwaves and florescent light), and pollutants enter our body and impact our health. Toxic buildup can also occur when the body fails to eliminate toxins through normal bowel movements, sweating or breathing techniques. Toxins can have adverse impacts on how our immunity and other major organs function.

How We Treat: Homoeopathy

We employ homeopathy to help address toxic imbalances in the body. Homeopathy relies on the principle that like cures like, meaning that a substance that could cause certain symptoms in a healthy person could—in small, frequent doses—relieve the same symptoms in a sick person. All treatments plans are tailored to each individual and take into account his or her specific needs and lifestyle, including diet, health history, personality, sleep and exercise patterns, and more.