LONGMONT – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It’s been a great year at Life Chiropractic. A million thanks to you for your patronage, referrals and filling up the seats at our hosted monthly dinners & events!

As we enter the new year years we are proud to sponsor the Live Every Moment Road Show (peep our fun promo flyer here).


Perpetual adventure seeker and Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt cruising on his motorcycle.


Live Every Moment Road Show FAQ’s

Q. What’s this Road Show Challenge all about?

A. To build greater understanding and awareness about the unknown benefits of chiropractic care, Longmont chiropractor, Dr. John Wendt, DC,  will be participating in a series of fun, funny and audacious challenges.

Dr. John Wendt has done bodybuilding; rides a motorcycle; snowboards; does ATV 4 wheeling; hikes; runs; and is uber active. He’s game for most active things!

  • Police Ride Alongs;
  • Firefighter Hose Carrying Contest;
  • Participate in a crazy challenge to raise awareness for a cause;
  • Shadow your wickedly insane yet awesome boss;
  • Or many more! You choose – he’ll try {almost} anything fun and legal at least once!
Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt doing the hula.

Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt doing the hula.


Q. When is this challenge taking place?

A. March 2016 – until TBD


Q. Who submits the challenges?

A. Longmont companies (for and non-profit) and public service agencies.


Q. What is the purpose of the challenge?

A. For the companies that choose to take part in the challenge, we hope that you will be able to further strengthen your company culture and also gain positive press about your company and your work.

For our team at Life Chiropractic, our hope is to help you and everyone we meet to (fully) Live EVERY Moment by bringing greater awareness to spine health and the impact of subluxation.

The road show is also a way to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all you good people and good companies doing good things in and for the City of Longmont, Colorado!


Q. I am a company that wants to participate. How does this work?

A. There are tons of ways to get involved with the road show. If you have a challenge idea you would like to submit, you can do that here! >>> Share your challenge here! http://goo.gl/forms/PaEaPBydrV

Or you can participate in any number of free wellness events, massage days/pamper events and activities that we’re hosting throughout Longmont. >> Partner with us here: http://goo.gl/forms/91oeuhetcT

We’ll be sharing all the stories in photos and video via our blog and social networks and company e-newsletter.

Q. I don’t have a challenge. What other types of events & activities are you offering to companies during the Road Show?

A. Pamper & Massage Days for Staff (most popular event): Our wellness educator(s) and certified massage therapists will come out to your company any weekday morning between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. and commit up to 3 hours to give mini massages and/or answer wellness related questions.

Care Daze: These hosted 45 min talks are designed for companies where a lot of physical stress is put on the body given the nature of the work – florists; nursing home and senior health care providers; beauticians; roofers; carpet installers; construction etc. Dr. John will come out and speak and provide simple techniques and best practices for healthy spines and posture.

Walk N Talk:  Walks scheduled during lunch hours or evenings allow participants to anonymously submit their questions and Dr. John will host a guided nature/trail walk and talk through possible solutions. Submitted problems can be physical and/or emotional (personal or work related).

Whine and Cheese: These hosted happy hours give participants a chance to come and share their recent frustrations in a safe and compassionate place. Dr. John hosts these events and as a NET Certified practitioner he is well-versed on dealing with emotional stress and heartache that may eventually lead to other physical ailments and pain.

Dinner with the Doc: One of the Docs most popular events, these monthly hosted dinners are hosted by the Doc and cover a variety of wellness themes. Dinners are hosted at a local Longmont restaurant and the Life Wellness Centers covers the cost of a healthy dinner and a non alcoholic beverage for attendees and a guest.

Company Potluck Event: We love co-creating and we co-exist by our nature, so we’re open to do something fun that works for you and your team. Don’t be afraid or uncomfortable to share your ideas with us.

Thanks very much in advance for helping everyone in Longmont to live happier and more fulfilled and pain-free lives (physically and emotionally)!


Live EVERY Moment!

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