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Proudly serving Longmont, Niwot, Boulder, Lyons, Louisville, Broomfield, Lafayette and the surrounding communities since 2007.

I’ve chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because I wake up every day to serve our community, in hopes to make a positive change in someone’s life. I am grateful because each day miracles happen, and I’m humbled to share in the miracles of life’s expression. I believe with all my heart in the principles of alternative healing which is: “The power that made the body heals the body.” It happens no other way. – Dr. John Wendt, DC


Dr. John Wendt

They say the 2 most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why. For Dr. John Wendt he discovered his WHY by accident, literally and figuratively.

As a teenager, he had a diving accident in a swimming pool where he injured his head and neck from the impact as he entered the water. His head and neck snapped backwards from the force from the high dive. Able to make his way to the side of the pool, he laid motionless at the pool’s edge. Suffering with a severe headache, shooting pain into his head and shoulders, extreme nausea, and blurred vision, he was alone for nearly an hour. A friend’s mother noticed our young doctor and went to his aid. Hearing the story she made mention of seeing her Chiropractor, Dr. James Shaeffer. With reluctance, he decided to return home, feeling broken and hopeless. Fortunately, Dr. Shaeffer reached out and changed Dr. John’s life and all of OURS!

From ‘misery to ministry’

The chiropractor came to work on his day off to diagnose John.  The generosity, care, compassion, education and ultimately healing experience that he received from his chiropractor led to his interest and fascination with chiropractic care.

Recognizing from this hands-on experience that the spine is the root of EVERYTHING – a young and very inspired John started reading, studying and learning everything related to how the spine works and gaining mastery in what we know today as holistic wellness.

Determined to share all that he has learned, today in addition to being a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Wendt’s knowledge has transpired into a thriving private practice; cutting edge talks; workshops; seminars; and thousands of hours of non-profit community service hours.

While Dr. Wendt has successfully completed thousands of adjustments since he first started practicing in 2007 and is able to treat a number of conditions he specializes in:

  • Pain & Illness Recovery
  • Maintain Optimal Health
  • Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement
  • Raise Children/Families with LESS DEPENDENCY on Drugs and Surgery
  • Improving Functional Health/Movement for an Aging Population

Dr. Wendt serves patients from all over the globe: families, friends, co-workers, and more! Life Wellness Center main office is located in Longmont, CO wit a satellite location in Denver, CO.

Dr. Wendt has 11 adjusting techniques to manage structural Subluxation or misalignments in the body. Manual adjustments are low force, high speed, and strong enough to adjust the most difficult patients. He also utilizes instrument adjustments (Activator/Arthrostim) for those with concern or nervousness about receiving manual treatments, and drop segments on the table to aid in the mobilization of the body. Each customized for the individual patient’s needs and comfort.

  • Certified in NET a phenomenal new technique to reduce stress and now to change brain patterns related to stress!
  • Qualified Quantum Neurology Practitioner, aiding the body in rehabilitation of the nervous system using fast efficient exercises and training programs!
  • Functional Nutrition and Detoxification Specialist, maximizing your bodies potential and eliminating toxicity efficiently for weight management, energy, and vitality!

The ‘People’s Doctor’, Dr. Wendt has cared for children as young as 4 days old…

Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt adjusts a 4 day old baby.

Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt adjusts a 4-day-old baby.

…grown ups who are 94 years old

Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt and Ruth

Longmont Chiropractor Dr. John Wendt and Ruth


Dr. John Wendt would be grateful and honored to provide care for you and your loved ones!

To experience the full benefits of working with Dr. John Wendt, please call our office at 303.678.1979 to schedule an appointment or sign up for one of our free monthly community events.