Sports Injuries Can Happen to Anyone

Sports Injuries

Fall is around the corner, and with the days cooling off it is likely that you are trying to spend as much time as possible outside before the cold sets in.  Sports injuries can occur through gym workouts, marathon training, lifting babies, raking leaves, carrying a backpack, getting tackled, or gardening.  Chiropractic can help with injuries to any of the bones or joints, not just in backs and necks. Pain, swelling, loss of motion and function can all be results of overdoing it, no matter what the sport. Repetitive motion, slips, falls, over exertion, and accidents can all result in tennis elbow, runner’s knee, frozen shoulder, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Conventional treatment of these issues includes splinting, medications, steroid injections and possibly surgery. These are all costly,  invasive, and violent to your body.  Checking out all injuries with a chiropractor can save you lots of time, money, toxins and is a much gentler form of injury therapy.  Long term problems related to injuries can result in calcium buildup and scar tissue, which can be more difficult to remove.

Its best to deal with injuries as soon as they happen, but much can be done with chiropractic for old injuries as well.  Old injuries may be rearing their heads as the weather cools and dampens, and can still be corrected.

Chiropractic can also be helpful to prevent injuries! By having proper alignment when you go out there to thrash around the world, you can prevent many future injuries from developing.  Pinched nerves and thrown out backs can happen at any moment, and the better aligned you are the less likely you are to experience this painful hassle.
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