How to relieve daily stress

How to Relieve Daily Stress

At Life Wellness Center we come across many patients who cannot recall the reason why they woke up with pain or dysfunction. We jokingly offer up the concept that it is emotional. Many patients respond in agreement, laughing.

A recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship demonstrates amazing findings on how brains responded to an emotionally distressing story. Think about an event that was difficult or really emotionally charged in your life. Notice that your body might increase tension or discomfort in various ways. Alternatively, think of biting down on a sour lemon and letting the juice of the lemon roll onto your tongue; do you make a face?Even though these scenarios are not happening now, your brain recalls the sensation or tension. With the principles of Neuro-Emotional Technique and

Even though these scenarios are not happening right now, your brain recalls the sensation or tension. With the principles of Neuro-Emotional Technique and Neurology, we are able to pinpoint the cause of distress driving our patients’ health concerns.

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In recent months Dr John participated in a study to see if NET work could help clear the emotions that lead to the addiction of smoking cigarettes.  He has found this method to be extremely useful, and has helped people ease the addiction to smoking. Any focus of addiction, whether it be smoking, coffee, bad relationships, drinking, or prescriptions all stem from the same need within us.  We had some need that was not met, and we adapted by using something to distract us from the pain of lack.  In conducting the stop smoking study we have seen the connectivity between all addictions and original events in life that lead to negative feelings.  With NET, we can clear those emotions and help ease the demand of addiction on our beings and psyche.

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    We recently spoke about the word ‘Light’.  When we focus on lighting up our lives through health, wellness, truth and love, the life changing results are CLARITY!

When you have clarity, you possess a clearness of mind, free from obscurity and easy to understand. It means clearness, like water fresh from the mountain spring.  Adding light to your inner mixture, allowed you to identify where you were cloudy, and where darkness was lurking.  Through the light, we can foster clarity by being centered and grounded in the present moment, knowing what our goals are, and having open and honest communication with ourselves, primarily, in addition to our families and community.

    Use journaling to discover what drives you, and where you are going.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself to discover and create clarity:


    What are my biggest accomplishments?

    What are my biggest stumbling blocks?


        These questions will give you a sense of what your values are.  When you have a clear idea of what values most to you, you can align your habits to those values, and from there, develop goals.


Make a list of your values.

    List 3 goals that you consider to be vital

        You have now done some wonderful inner searching, and just from this can get connected with yourself, which always helps you feel good.  Take it to the next level:




        Underneath each goal, make a list of how you can get there with as much detail as you can muster.  Some people find this easier by working backwards and imagining what it would take to get to where you are going.  Do you need to start a savings account, get a gym membership, get nutrition counseling?  In your game plan list 3 people for each goal that you can call on. One to ask for help, another keep you accountable, and another to be your cheerleader.

    At Life Wellness we want to help you achieve these goals, whatever they are!  Chiropractic alignment, NET and QN Light Therapy will help with gaining clarity.  We can also check beliefs and clear the negative beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals. We can help align your body, mind and spirit for success!

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