Brain-based wellness

Brain-Based Wellness Talks

Brain-based wellness has perhaps the greatest potential to impact your quality of life. One of the greatest health concerns in the world is neurodegenerative disorders, as emphasized in this article by the McGovern Institute at MIT.

Dr. Wendt is a member of several non profit communities, including PEP Talks (Practitioners Educating Patients), Chiropractors Crossing Boarders, and Doctors of Health and Wellness. As a member of these communities, he donates hours to local schools, community groups, churches/spiritual centers, and businesses by providing inspiring health talks. A goal of these programs is to educate our community on the core concepts of living a healthy life, free from reliance on drugs and surgeries, reducing injuries, maximizing performance of your body and mind.

Dr. Wendt often hears, “hey Doc, this makes so much sense, how can I get you in front of my HR director so you can help educate my work environment and make my work life more pleasant?” Just by asking! If you or your community would like Dr. Wendt to come give an inspiring presentation on brain-based wellness and health, call us at 303.678.1979 or email us at

See your Life Wellness Center chiropractor trained in brain-based wellness today for a brian wellness evaluation!

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