Community of Life



Without COMMUNITY we would not survive!  Our society is built on culture, and connection to others.  A well known story from a WWII hospital orphanage sadly discovered that babies who are not held will die, even if well fed.  An article just came out about a mother, whose baby was pronounced dead at birth.  She held him to say goodbye, and after two hours the baby came back to life!  This wonderfully illustrates how vital sharing the life force with each other is.  Without contact we do not grow to speak, think or act to our potential.  Communities provide our friends, our families, our support and our health. They provide outlets for our creativity, and exposure to new ideas, people and places. Many studies have demonstrated that people who are involved in their communities tend to live longer and happier lives.  Connection is the key the success of our species, and ironically, modern culture has ingrained the importance of self reliance, sole solidity, and independence above all morals.

The definitions given in the dictionary all fall short of what a real community offers.  Its a home, a friend, a deep and lasting connection with people that may share a locale or interest, but most importantly share love.  Love for a place, love for each other, love for humanity or earth or another interest.  Community is the people you see everyday, the people you intentionally gather with, the people you share your wins and losses with, the places that inspire you and the people that go there with you. Community is so much more than just people! People don’t exist without the community of plants, animals, water and air. Have you ever gone a day without air? Without air there are no plants, without water there are no plants, or animals. We are a deeply interconnected community on Earth, of all living things. We live in the precious balance and harmony by respecting other beings rights to be here, and ultimately, provide for us humans!

Here are some things you can do to strengthen your experience of community. Think of it like gardening your friends.  Plant seeds, water, weed and celebrate the harvest!


Get Outside!

Talk and Smile at strangers

Introduce friends

Offer to help a neighbor

Bake extra cookies to share

Find reasons to celebrate

Trade skills

Learn and instrument

Make room to PLAY!

Start a project with a friend

Share your gifts

Ask for help

Ask questions


Leave your phone at home


    There are so many more ways to connect with each other.  We hope that you have made connections that are valuable, and lasting in your life. We want to overcome the walls that we have put up to health and community. The health and wellness of just one person drastically impacts the health and wellness of us all. One healthy, happy person can brighten all of the interactions they have during the course of a day. We hope that we can create a centered community with the goal of healing, and joyously celebrating living together!  Lets support each other! Change for the better, overall, must come from us all.


Word of the Week: Celebrate!

Word of the Week:

Celebrate!  Hooray for you! Hooray for your Health!


Spring is here.  We have detoxed the greys of winter from our bones and guts, and its time to dance in the sun.  We all celebrate and participate to some extent in some of the larger popular celebrations in our culture.  This week take time for a personal celebration!  Keep it clean and healthy so you can feel good about your success.


Did you complete your detox?  Did you change a limiting thought you once had?  Were you a super parent or grandparent this week?  Does someone love you?  Do you love someone?  Did you drive without rage?  Did you finish a book, or an awesome workout?


Even the tiniest celebration reaps positive results. This act of enjoyment can solidify the positive memories in your mind, and lower stress.  Studies have shown that when people have a celebratory attitude they tend to have longer life, better coping skills, and improves physical health. A good attitude is the best support for overall better well being.


Dance when you see your first tulip of the season.  Sing to the buds on your favorite deciduous tree.  When you remember to water your plants or be kind in line, pat yourself on the back.  What’s even better than relishing these delightful moments on your own?  Celebrating together!!  Find a friend to make a pie with, or go sing some karaoke.  Go for a walk and make a bouquet, or make yourself a thank you card.  You are so worth it!