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Dr. John Wendt is our favorite Longmont Chiropractor! At Life Wellness Centers everybody who works in our office LOVES, LOVES, LOVES him.

As can be witnessed in our photo gallery below, he is fun, funny, extremely energetic and generous. But as not to seem biased <3 we thought we would share a few chiropractic confessions from some of our clients.

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Here are a few of our favorite testimonials and reviews for Longmont chiropractor, Dr. John Wendt!

I love this guy! Dr John’s clear mind and forthright approach offers you a good diagnosis and accurate adjustment. He’s full of enthusiasm for life and love. I always want to be around people like this. I had a crink in my neck for about 7 months and after being treated unsuccessfully by 3 other chiropractors, I found Dr John. In about 2 minutes, he got rid of the crink through an adjustment. There really is no reason for you to suffer; the choice is YOURS.

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I simply cannot say enough positive things about Dr. John [Wendt] at Life Chiropractic. In short, he’s dramatically changed my life in a short period of time. He is incredibly knowledgeable in many different healing modalities allowing for a truly holistic experience. Not only does he physically adjust my body for better range of motion and decreased pain, but I leave feeling more grounded and complete both mentally and spiritually. He’s been a true blessing in my life. 



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I thank the good Lord for the help we have received for my son. He is my youngest son who suffered a stroke. His rate of recovery has amazed the staff at the hospital. Thank you so much for your appreciated help in this difficult time in our life. 



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Dr. John [Wendt] has done incredible work with my special needs son as well as the whole family! Both physically and emotionally assisting us so that we live our lives pain-free and happy. Always positive, always encouraging and personal. We are extremely grateful to have him in our lives!


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