Word of the Week: Celebrate!

Word of the Week:

Celebrate!  Hooray for you! Hooray for your Health!


Spring is here.  We have detoxed the greys of winter from our bones and guts, and its time to dance in the sun.  We all celebrate and participate to some extent in some of the larger popular celebrations in our culture.  This week take time for a personal celebration!  Keep it clean and healthy so you can feel good about your success.


Did you complete your detox?  Did you change a limiting thought you once had?  Were you a super parent or grandparent this week?  Does someone love you?  Do you love someone?  Did you drive without rage?  Did you finish a book, or an awesome workout?


Even the tiniest celebration reaps positive results. This act of enjoyment can solidify the positive memories in your mind, and lower stress.  Studies have shown that when people have a celebratory attitude they tend to have longer life, better coping skills, and improves physical health. A good attitude is the best support for overall better well being.


Dance when you see your first tulip of the season.  Sing to the buds on your favorite deciduous tree.  When you remember to water your plants or be kind in line, pat yourself on the back.  What’s even better than relishing these delightful moments on your own?  Celebrating together!!  Find a friend to make a pie with, or go sing some karaoke.  Go for a walk and make a bouquet, or make yourself a thank you card.  You are so worth it!