Word of the Week: Jarred


Winter has finally come. We’ve been enjoying beautiful snow storms and frigid cold that has left behind deceptive patches of ice. Most of us have been jarred by the experience of slipping on ice or losing control of our cars as they lose their grip on ice! The stress and physical results of slipping on ice or spinning out on ice can leave you emotionally jarred and feeling like you’re stuck in a jar. As the tension builds up in your body you will feel your body start to stiffen until turning your head grows so difficult you can hardly look over your shoulder!

            Don’t get stuck in a jar! After a stressful event like falling on ice or spinning out it’s important to get the emotional charge of the event removed from your body. NET is a phenomenal technique Dr. John uses to clear the body of emotional traumas. After a stressful event it is imperative to remove the emotional charge from the body so you don’t carry it with you the rest of the winter. Do you want to spend all winter with the panic and fear that comes with slipping? I know I don’t. It’s stressful enough having to experience something like that, to then carry that stress all day every day would be enough to overload anyone. Instead of holding on to that emotion, let go of it and remove that stress by receiving NET from Dr. John.

            The emotional trauma is enough to leave anyone on edge, but what about the physical results of slipping on ice? When we slip and fall or catch ourselves as we fall, we jar our bodies with the force of the impact. When we jar our bodies during some physical activity, it’s not hard to imagine that we injure ourselves. Many of you have likely fallen and felt that uncomfortable sharp, stabbing pain that returns with certain movements after the fall. It is easy to know something is wrong when we feel pain, but what about the injury that goes unnoticed? Many times jarring events can cause underlying physical trauma to the body which may take weeks or months to manifest symptoms. Prevent annoying symptoms from occurring by seeking out chiropractic care immediately following a jarring event.

            This winter, when you fall or slip or lose control of your car, seek out chiropractic care. Dr. John is an amazing chiropractor and a certified NET practitioner who wants to insure your emotional and physical wellbeing. Don’t put off care and get stuck in a jar, be proactive about your health and wellbeing. Call 303-678-1979 if you have been through a jarring event and let Dr. John facilitate your healing.