Word Of The Week: PURGE!

Detox Right.  Cleanse Your Unique Body in a Way That Suits You!


Spring means clean, and after a long winter’s hibernation the body likes some extra attention and cleansing to get up to your spring speed. Wash away that winter darkness from your insides with an energy boosting flush or resetting cleanse.

Each body has a best way to detox given the conditions it is currently undergoing. What is right for some may not be right for others. There are so many ways you can clear out the body and mind by juicing, fasting, removing and adding food from the diet, using supplements, meditation and massage.  Given that there are variety of different ways to cleanse, doing so under the guidance of your favorite medical professional is highly advised.

Common Cleanses/Detox Methods

Standard Process 21 day Diet

Master Cleanse

Liver Flush

Juice Fast

30 day, 30 minutes Outdoor Challenge

Dry Brushing and Massage

Fruit Pectin Flush

Daily Meditation

Simplify Diet