Word of the Week: Renewal!

Word of the Week:




Earth is reviving herself with rains, blossoms and babies. It can be a rewarding time to check in with yourself, also. We all can get habituated, and its important to check in with the self through meditation. Its time to tune in, and tune up! Take time to sit quietly and reflect on these, or other important questions.  Remember the intuition only contains positive and uplifting self talk.  Your guidance for change will come to you like the advice from a perfect parent.  Reassuring, understanding and truthful.  You will know the answers when  you come upon them.

How are you doing?  What do you need to thrive in this upcoming year? Is your body sending you signals to adapt your diet, adapt your health practices, or adapt emotional fluidity?  What is calling to your spirit for renewal?

Once arriving at some positive, helpful answers, making an action plan will help you adapt to the changes your life is asking for.  Decide on what changes can be made today, and the goal of these changes happening a month, six months, and a year from now.  Imagine the details of how your health, emotional and spiritual well being will unfold.  Spend a few minutes with this, and maybe write some of these images down.

Now that you have assessed your inner wellness, and made an action plan, its time to get involved!  Ask for help from your spouse to work out with you, or help by encouraging healthier eating. Tell your friends that you committed to thinking more positively about your life so they can catch you when you fall. Get your family involved by being outside more together, or making play dates with friends at parks, instead of at the house. Spend some time with your favorite holistic chiropractor to discuss these changes, keep you accountable, track your changes and help you along the way.  Your spine plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.  As the house of our nervous system, spinal alignment affects everything your body does.  Keeping proper spinal alignment is critical to our continued renewal and regeneration.  Commit to yourself today!  Have the courage and faith to make positive change in your life!